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Welcome! We are pleased to have you visit or healthcare web page where you can learn about your Health Insurance and other Insurances provided by the City of Memphis to the Retirees. We all have a common mission here at ACRE…. to serve you and keep you informed concerning your Insurance benefits in Memphis, Shelby County, and the surrounding areas, including East Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

-Francis Bradley, Healthcare Chairman

City of Memphis Benefits Office:

2714 Union Ave Extended 4th Floor, Suite 100 Memphis, TN 38112

1-866-543-4367 Toll Free

901-636-6800 Main

901-636-6478 Fax

City of Memphis Employee Wellness Clinic:

1520 Union Avenue Memphis, TN 38104


Hours of Operation: Monday & Friday 8am to 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 11am to 7pm

There’s been some information passed around that retirees who are not on the city’s health insurance plan would no longer be able to go to the city’s employee clinic. This information is FALSE!

Any retiree who was on the city’s health insurance as of October 2014 is in fact allowed to go to the Employee Clinic free of charge. This applies to dependents of those retirees as well. Retirees who are eligible to go to the employee clinic should have received a letter from the city with a card to present when seeking treatment at the clinic. If you have not yet received that letter, you will be in the next batch of letters that goes out very soon. Until you receive that letter, the clinic has a list of retirees who are eligible to use the clinic.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Important Contacts Retirees

Employee Healthcare, Retirement & Disability Services

901-636-6800  Toll Free 1-866-543-4367

Retiree Exchange

Via Benefits Medicare 1-866-201-0367

Via Benefits Pre-65 1-866-201-0437


BCBST Medical & Vision Plans 1-888-796-0609


Express Scripts 1-800-282-2881


MetLife 1-800-Get-Met8


BCBST 1-877-342-0737

Deferred Compensation

Mass Mutual Financial Group David Bennett 901-389-8503

2019 Donut Hole

2019 Rates For City of Memphis Retirees

Catastrophic Coverage One Exchange

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