+ Association of City Retired Employees (ACRE), 638 Jefferson Ave., Memphis, TN 38105-4912
Listed below is the current Members Dues List for The Association of City Retired Employees (ACRE) with their expiration date as of February 15, 2019.   If your Dues are past due please kindly remit $25 for Retiree or $15 for Widow(er) to the ACRE Office. If you beleive there is an error please contact the Membership Committe or the Secretary or the Treasurer to determine the problem !   If you do not see your name listed your dues are critically past due and you have been dropped from the Membership List.
  General Delivery E-Mail
  Visit Our Office at:
  638 Jefferson Avenue
  Office Number:
  (901) 525-2615
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Last updated February 15, 2019